For several years now, I’ve been very active in my community and online, advocating and organizing for social and racial justice, especially in our schools. I’ve learned that this fight we’re in is not a small one. Battles will be won and lost, but we won’t win any wars if we burn ourselves out along the way. […]

This is the first in a series of posts on personal narrative and storytelling. Stay tuned for more posts on this theme! Wow! We all have a story to tell. Each and every one of us. Telling these stories is important. It matters… Our Stories Matter! Recently, I rediscovered StoryCorps, a great resource for teachers […]

There will always be those with a little more, and those with a little less. But, short of sounding like a broken record (and really, how effective is lecturing anyway?)… how do we help our children explore the concept of GRATITUDE in a truly meaningful way?

So the packages have been unwrapped, the pies and cookies have been eaten, and one more week away from school beckons! With much of the hubbub behind us, yet with the holiday spirit in full swing, I am reminded how special it is to be happy and healthy and together this time of year. We […]

I’ve been talking with my family about ways to focus on GIVING rather than RECEIVING this holiday. Here are two ways to get the conversation started.

My family LOVES asking each other questions. Download these free printable “table questions” to share with your family this holiday.

A few years ago, my daughters and I were very lucky to participate in our school’s first Chinese New Year Fundraiser, an amazing event sponsored by Jean Parker Elementary’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). This event is now entering its third year, and I am still not aware of any other like it in the city.