Are “progressive” parents advocating for separate-not-equal schools? How gifted educational programs support white supremacy in schools.

As the Black students from elite schools across the country testify, it’s STILL hard to be young, gifted and Black in our nation’s elite schools.

This student reinforced for me why we cannot support the “Accelerated Algebra in Middle School” track that some Lowell teachers and parents are proposing.

According to new research on the brain, playing music helps us learn–one of many reasons to fight for high quality music instruction in ALL our schools.

We are moving away from two different types of instruction… one for low-performing students based on test-taking and memorization of facts and one for high-performing students where students learn to analyze and critique their own thinking.

Here are some helpful resources for parents looking to advocate at the classroom, site or district level for quality programming for gifted kids.

We can make some great and positive changes if we implement the following recommendations…