Watching these women dance, makes me realize just how ubiquitous the Beyonce-style of dance has become in modern media today. Why does every dance I see on YouTube involve some manner of jiggling ones booty? And why is everyone dressed in a designer bikini with sequins?

Seven and a half year old Ruby explains why girls can do anything boys can do. In fact Ruby is herself a singer, actor, dancer, musician, entrepreneur, skateboarder, artist, and FEMINIST!

Before a 12-year old took on the video game industry, you had to pay to play as a girl. Teach your kids how to fight gender stereotypes in the media.

The controversy over Nicki Minaj’s latest album cover has me wondering… “Whose idea of feminism is this anyway?” Why mainstream media is way off when it comes to understanding women’s lib.

The other day, my husband and I were blown away by a specific comment that one of my girls made during a routine squabble. Daughter “A” decided to pull out the big guns in their verbal tête-à-tête when she “casually” told Daughter “B”… “Your butt is big.” (!) …