During Black History Month, learn about everyday American heroes who fought against inequality. Here’s a great list of books for your child.

How do you make sure you are celebrating Black History in a way that values a people’s cultural contributions within a social and historical context?

The SFUSD Board of Education recently approved a resolution charging the district to define clear protocols in addressing hate and bias in our schools.

This is a very inspiring story I wanted to share. Representation REALLY MATTERS. I’ve posted on this topic before, but it’s really important for all our kids to see themselves as LEAD characters in books.

Does your child’s school library have a diversity gap? What about your child’s classroom library?

According to “the Academy” the only voices worth hearing are vanilla. Here’s what I’m doing to celebrate more diverse narratives in movies!

How diverse are your home, school or library bookshelves? Check out these resources to add more books by people of color to your shelves.