Many criticize the casting of Zoe Saldana in an upcoming film about Nina Simone, an artist who espoused Black Power and self-determination. I’m not sure Nina would be pleased either… here’s why.

This Saturday, March  at 11 a.m. at George Washington High School, 600 32nd Ave, in Room 123 is a great opportunity to learn more about Black History in our city. This is a guest post from esteemed historian, John William Templeton, who according to an SFGate post: “has titles ranging from technology expert to economic analyst, speaker to playwright, […]

In today’s day and age, why is it OK for SF schools to do their own thing (or NOT) when it comes to Black History Month?

On Thursday, February 11, 2016 I had the HONOR of participating in the National African American Read-In at John Muir Elementary. Here are some tips on holding a Read-In to celebrate diverse books at your school!

Newsflash! Being enslaved is NOT an enjoyable experience!!! How educators and families SHOULD talk about slavery with kids.

I finally understand what has bothered me so much about the misrepresentation of Dr. King’s legacy as one of peace (without the protest, thank you very much!)… Cue Morgan Freeman, stage left!

I am beginning to actually dread MLK Day. Why? Because more and more I’m realizing how much we are all inundated with MLK Day “Lite”.