How do you prevent your child from internalizing the racist messages that are so prevalent in our society? Here are three simple ways…

In response to the Orlando shooting, here is another way to take action to create a more peaceful world: fighting bias and transphobia in our communities.

Educating yourself AND YOUR CHILDREN on dangerous stereotypes like these is the first step in uncovering implicit bias that we have all been exposed to, but it’s NOT ENOUGH. We need to replace negative images of black folks with positive nuanced representations of blacks which show the diversity of the “black experience”.

“For something like 75% of white Americans. It’s very hard to put BLACK and GOOD together.” – Mahzarin Banaji, Experimental Psychologist. This quote is from a new film airing tonight on KQED.

According to “the Academy” the only voices worth hearing are vanilla. Here’s what I’m doing to celebrate more diverse narratives in movies!

Why we can’t talk about honors without understanding the concept of structural racism and how it plays out in our schools.

As Americans, we are exposed to a barrage of racial stereotypes that we may or may not be aware of. It is imperative that we dig deep, and get a little uncomfortable at times as we explore the attitudes and beliefs we may have unwittingly have internalized.