This is a great visual history of social dance, highlighting some of the amazing contributions African-Americans have made in creating American culture.

10 years after approving AEMP, educators are asking if art and music instruction is really happening in “every school”, for “every student”, “every day”.

Many criticize the casting of Zoe Saldana in an upcoming film about Nina Simone, an artist who espoused Black Power and self-determination. I’m not sure Nina would be pleased either… here’s why.

Watching these women dance, makes me realize just how ubiquitous the Beyonce-style of dance has become in modern media today. Why does every dance I see on YouTube involve some manner of jiggling ones booty? And why is everyone dressed in a designer bikini with sequins?

Learn more about Black Violin a unique hip-hop group bringing classical violin to a whole new audience.

This year, I’d like to see more Visual and Performing Arts programs in our schools that celebrate the beauty, vibrance, talent and joy of the black culture. Here’s my short list of great family/school programs.

Are our schools cultivating or killing our kids creativity? Ken Robinson shares some thoughts.