I’ve been online almost nonstop. Reading through Tweets, it’s still painfully obvious there are a LOT white “allies” who would rather spend time arguing with Black folks about what we need to do differently when expressing our outrage or identifying the ways white supremacy defends itself.

How do you prevent your child from internalizing the racist messages that are so prevalent in our society? Here are three simple ways…

In today’s day and age, why is it OK for SF schools to do their own thing (or NOT) when it comes to Black History Month?

I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to talk about race and identity in developmentally appropriate ways with kids. Below I’ve put together tried and true resources (Yes! I REALLY, I tried them) based on my experiences as a mom talking about race with my own kids.

Researchers and educators recommend that we start talking with young children about race and difference as early as preschool to support a healthy development of identity and appreciation of people who are different. Here’s how.

Newsflash! Being enslaved is NOT an enjoyable experience!!! How educators and families SHOULD talk about slavery with kids.

This cartoon from my childhood serves as a wonderful illustration of privilege.