In case you missed this… here’s a little Monday inspiration for you… AGAIN in the form of Marley Dias who initiated a book drive campaign to collect 1000 books with black female characters.

Being a critical reader means questioning the representation of various cultural groups. Here’s the why and how of questioning what you read with your kids.

Researchers and educators recommend that we start talking with young children about race and difference as early as preschool to support a healthy development of identity and appreciation of people who are different. Here’s how.

Seven and a half year old Ruby explains why girls can do anything boys can do. In fact Ruby is herself a singer, actor, dancer, musician, entrepreneur, skateboarder, artist, and FEMINIST!

In a previous post, I spoke about how not doing anything about racial injustice is almost as impressive as NOT DOING SOMETHING RACIST. Here’s why…

Watching this video, it becomes apparent just how lacking our media is when it comes to images of powerful women/girls.

For anyone who still thinks race “doesn’t matter” this is a chilling tale of why that’s flat our dangerous for some black folks.