These teens are a great reminder of what young people can do if given the opportunity to contribute.

Do you remember the PowerPuff Girls? I just learned about a new website that allows you to turn yourself into a PowerPuff Girl (or… er… boy). And even though this may seem silly, I’m realizing the fact that I (and many other fully grown adults mind you!) have gone silly over a web site that will make you into PowerPuff girl is a great example of why REPRESENTATION MATTERS.

Many criticize the casting of Zoe Saldana in an upcoming film about Nina Simone, an artist who espoused Black Power and self-determination. I’m not sure Nina would be pleased either… here’s why.

A list of 10 great books focusing on celebrating difference through culture, race, appearance and interest. Where I’ve been able to find a good storytelling video, I’ve included it too!

Watching these women dance, makes me realize just how ubiquitous the Beyonce-style of dance has become in modern media today. Why does every dance I see on YouTube involve some manner of jiggling ones booty? And why is everyone dressed in a designer bikini with sequins?

I am so inspired by our young people–they are truly leading the way! It is not surprising that as Lowell BSU students are fighting for the right to be heard, valued and supported in our school they have sisters on the other side of the country who are doing the same.

It’s time to stop making excuses for the racism in our schools. Here are Lowell BSU student demands and what we can do to support all students in felling welcome and valued in our schools.