Analyzing the dynamics of power and privilege in our classrooms, can inform the ways we structure and support cross-cultural dialogues about race.

The prospect of a Trump presidency has brought with it a rise in hate crimes and a heightened visibility for white supremacy in our country. As disturbing as this is, recent events have had at least one positive side-effect. More and more White educators are embracing conversations about race. I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways […]

Recommendations for Teachers and Parents Many students (and adults) suffer from anxiety. Fortunately, when I was a teacher, I always had my parents as a resource. My parents were psychologists who specialized in anxiety: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Social Anxiety to be specific. It’s only because of this that I was able to better support students. I heard […]

It’s important for parents to communicate with teachers about our high expectations for our children’s schooling. Below is my list of expectations for all my child’s teachers.

I recently became the proud mother of two middle school students. We all know the transition from elementary to middle school is a big one for kids. I’m realizing this transition is a big one for families too. With that in mind, I’m taking time to write down my experience in the hope that it will help other educators and parents can better partner with one another to ensure our kids success as they embark of the fun, stressful, exciting and crazy ride that is the middle school experience.

It has become painfully clear to me, that the conversations all of us have been having around diversity are in some way a part of the problem. I mean, if diversity programs that were spearheaded 20 years ago were so successful, why is our country still struggling around topics of race?

As a former classroom teacher, I can tell you that teachers work for love of knowledge and love of our kids… and our families too! We all know teachers deserve to be paid more, and have more classroom resources and support. The least we can do is show our appreciation for all they do for our kids. Here are 7 ideas for making Teacher Appreciate Week a big hit for your school’s teachers.