I have recently been working with a group of Black families in neighborhood schools to ensure they have systems and structures in place to ensure they are safe and affirming for our kids. In an effort to support the work of SFUSD educators dedicated to equitable and inclusive schools, the following are helpful lessons, videos […]

Why is SFUSD still using a hodgepodge approach to addressing systemic bias in our schools? Last Saturday, my friend’s daughter (who happens to be one of the only Black kids in a mostly Chinese-American school) was told by a peer, Black kids should only play with Black kids, Chinese kids should only play with Chinese […]

Sharing personal stories can be a powerful weapon in disrupting negative narratives about People of Color. These videos and discussion recommendations are a helpful resource for educators and parents interested in addressing hate in our schools.

The SFUSD Board of Education recently approved a resolution charging the district to define clear protocols in addressing hate and bias in our schools.

When we don’t have the right words, we may avoid important conversations. Here’s a great resource to teach your kids proper terms for the LGBTQ community.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch skillfully relates two forms of discrimination: racism and discrimination against transgender people. In doing so, she sets a great example of using a familiar concept like racism to explain the ways transgender discrimination works to kids.

WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKS! … including those about gay, lesbian, and transgendered families. A new publishing company is setting out to create more storybooks to highlight LGBTQ families. Support their kickstarter campaign!