CARE proponents (read: Lowell families) who originally marketed their proposal as “two-track accelerated Algebra” have repackaged their plan using the words “optional pathways” and “choice” to advocate for a reinstatement of tracking in SFUSD.

Some advice and reassurance from veteran parents about the SFUSD wait pool.

We all know Back-to-School Sale season is a great time to get extra supplies at great discounts. But did you know it’s also a time families can help out our schools? While you’re out shopping to get supplies, why not consider getting resources that will make a big difference for teachers this fall?

Many folks still have out-dated ideas of our public schools. Maria Aldaz a proud Mission High School parent, wants you to know why she couldn’t be happier.

This post by a fellow SFUSD parent has generated quite a bit of constructive dialogue about the “value” of affluent families in public school.

Reports like those on the a new GradeEdge website often make very good schools look “low-performing” simply because they serve low income students. This is not only unfair, it’s irresponsible because it often leads anxious parents to have incorrect negative assumptions about some very good schools.

There is a relationship between gifted programs and systemic racism in our schools. It’s time parents and teachers stopped playing the blame game and worked together to create equitable and effective programs for exceptionally bright and talented students.