SFUSD Enrollment season is upon us! This Friday, letters go out to students and families letting them know which schools they can enroll in in this fall. Now that my girls are in the 3rd grade, it is easy to forget the anxiety and worry that many parents are currently feeling. They say: “Hindsight is 20-20.” With that in mind, I thought I’d take a moment to provide some perspective for parents who may be nervous right now.

One of San Francisco’s favorite past-times is bashing SFUSD’s School Assignment System. But is a “broken lottery” really to blame for the White Flight from our city’s public schools?

As an experienced educator, I am often struck by how LITTLE most parents know about evaluating a “good school” for their kids.

Many parents unwittingly perpetuate segregation in our schools. Why school “choice” is hurting us and our schools.

CARE proponents (read: Lowell families) who originally marketed their proposal as “two-track accelerated Algebra” have repackaged their plan using the words “optional pathways” and “choice” to advocate for a reinstatement of tracking in SFUSD.

Those involved in the enrollment process are probably aware that there are various language programs available through SFUSD schools. It is wonderful that there are so many options available to parents. Many of these choices were not available when we ourselves were in school. This fact, can make choosing a language program confusing for many […]