How do we address the hate and violence we are seeing all around us? The answer lies in the way we socialize our children in our schools.

Being being black in America right now is frankly depressing. With all that is happening, the urge to to go back to “business as usual” seems way off base.

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It has always been difficult to speak truth to power. But, when we remain silent, we are more than cowards, we become part of the problem.

In case you don’t follow Twitter, this is what’s happening today… I wish I could be there. Thank you to all the folks peacefully protesting today, making our voices heard. #BlackLivesMatter! From far as the eye can see. #marchonwashington – This is what democracy looks like #blacklivesmatter — Anonymous (@YourAnonGlobal) December 13, 2014 LIVE […]

I recently received an open letter via email from Neva Walker, the Executive Director of Coleman Advocates. In it she explains why events in Ferguson are personal, and why they fuel her work for positive social change

Now that I am a parent, and my girls are old enough, I want to watch this film with them. My girls are biracial (like me) and I think it will be meaningful for them to see our family represented in the mix of families presented.