Here are some helpful resources for parents looking to advocate at the classroom, site or district level for quality programming for gifted kids.

Why we can’t talk about honors without understanding the concept of structural racism and how it plays out in our schools.

Are our schools cultivating or killing our kids creativity? Ken Robinson shares some thoughts.

Watch this video from Carol Dweck about how praise can help or hurt a child’s ability to develop a “growth mindset”, the belief that we can grow and change.

Kids always do better on a schedule. When I learned Michele Obama taught her girls to wake up and get ready for school when they were in kindergarten, I had to try it with my girls, who were already well into second grade. I have to say, it was much easier than you’d think.

Sometimes you see a video and it really moves you. This one did. As adults, we often forget how much we have learned. We forget how difficult and frustrating it can be as a child to become good at doing seemingly basic things. We read without thinking, calculate sales tax in our heads, tie our […]

Check out the district’s website for helpful calendars and information. Only two more days until school. With that in mind, I thought I’d re-list a few of my prior posts on getting ready for school…If you child is just starting Kindergarten or Pre-K, or is nervous about a new school, check out my recommended books […]