Earlier this month Board of Education Commissioners Sanchez and Cook proposed a resolution which would make changes to SFUSD’s interim assessment policy. Most notably it would allow teachers to opt out of district assessments. Unfortunately, parent voices have been absent from the conversation.

When grades are shared correctly, they can have incredibly POSITIVE impact on children. What we choose to say and how we say it… IS IMPORTANT.

CARE proponents (read: Lowell families) who originally marketed their proposal as “two-track accelerated Algebra” have repackaged their plan using the words “optional pathways” and “choice” to advocate for a reinstatement of tracking in SFUSD.

The reality is… even though grading is one of the MOST ESSENTIAL teacher responsibilities, it’s amazing how little support they get in doing it in truly meaningful ways.

SFUSD leads the way in designing a new school accountability system which moves away from using ONLY test scores to evaluate school performance.

We can make some great and positive changes if we implement the following recommendations…