Despite the district’s new nutrition policy, my girls brought home a truckload of sugar! Why is the district policy such a well-kept secret?

Continuing with my FAD Series (Family Activity Days) here are a few of the things we’ve been doing this summer in the Bay Area. And if you’re new to SF or just visiting for the day, remember to bring lots of LAYERS!!!

SF Recreation and Parks Department has some really great sf swimming pools that provide opportunities for kids to have water fun all year long.

Some of the best gifts don’t talk, flash, or require upgrades–they are classics. I enjoyed playing with these toys as a kid, and now my kids can too.

It’s already December 15th! Here are some of my favorite books for gift giving this season.

I’ve been talking with my family about ways to focus on GIVING rather than RECEIVING this holiday. Here are two ways to get the conversation started.

My family LOVES asking each other questions. Download these free printable “table questions” to share with your family this holiday.