During Black History Month, learn about everyday American heroes who fought against inequality. Here’s a great list of books for your child.

How do you make sure you are celebrating Black History in a way that values a people’s cultural contributions within a social and historical context?

OK… so in case you didn’t know… black people invented stories. Seriously! It’s true! You can read about it by learning about one of my favorite folktale heroes… Ananse the Spider

I’m a BIG proponent of Valentines Day as a day for celebrating LOVE of all kinds (non just romantic heterosexual cis-gendered love.) My girls and I do a lot to celebrate the love we have for all the different people in our lives. The following a few books my family LOVES about LOVE!

When you are feeling despair about the road ahead, get inspired by the words and life of Congressman John Lewis.

This is just a short post… but it just can’t be said enough… Representation Matters! I am LOVING this video! (Thanks Blavity and Ira Hobbs) I’m going to share it with my kids. I think with the graphic novel craze going on with teens/tweens, this is the perfect video to get students asking about representations. THANK YOU!!! […]

I put together a short Snapchat video showcasing one of the best FREE resources I know in our city for informal learning: your local SF Public Library.