2016 started off with a bang and is thankfully shlumping toward its ultimate demise. While I’ll be happy to see it go, it has been an amazing year.

Personal and family accomplishments…

In 2016, my daughters graduated elementary school and my husband and I became proud middle school parents and went on our first family camping trip! Personally, I upped my game with technology, by making my first vlogging style video with my girls… and getting on Snapchat and Instagram

2016 was a big year for our family. The girls graduated middle school and learned how to skateboard, I challenged myself to explore social media and performed on stage to raise money and awareness. The biggest challenge we took on as a family was going on our first camping trip. . Now I'm looking forward to another adventurous year of pushing personal boundaries. . If last year taught me anything, it's that we have to stop waiting for others to make things happen and make it happen ourselves. 2017 will not be a year to remain silent, to be shy, or to stand on the sidelines. It's time to free ourselves from "respectability" and become the change we've been waiting to see in the world. . Are you with me? . . . . #imdonewith2016 #2017 #happynewyear #happynewyear2017 #bethechange #2016bestnine

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Our community made great strides…

This past year, I worked with other equity minded parents to co-found and solidify SF Families. We convened several parent meetings. One of which started a conversation about school segregation (e.g. “good” and “bad” schools). We also met with Black families throughout the district and ended up organizing to support Carver families in securing 1 Million dollars to support their school in getting proper doors and walls for their school. (They are just another reminder that families, and especially Black families ROCK!)

Indeed… 2016 is proof that a LOT can change in a year…

SFPSMom’s most popular posts…

Thus, as me and my family pause to reflect on all that 2016 has meant to us, I’d like to take some time to thank you, dear readers for reading this blog. I originally started this blog as I embarked on choosing a kindergarten. Now, six years and 300 posts later, I see that what we are creating together has become something much greater than I ever would have expected.

Top Ten Posts for 2016

Thank you for reading and sharing my musings, reflections and calls to action! With this in mind, and in case you missed one, I thought I’d share my top posts last year.

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  9. The new segregation: How can we have racial harmony when our kids go to separate schools?
  10. Last Minute Valentines Ideas for Kids!

All Time Favorite Posts

And for good measure, these posts are not as recent, yet continue to be all time favorites:

  1. More on SurvivalCraft… Reporting Inappropriate Content
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  4. Don’t Freak Out! Your Kindergartener Will Get into a GREAT Public School!
  5. Why We Can’t Talk About Honors Programs without Talking About Race

What this all means to me is, Im not alone! There are many other educators and parents out there who care about raising healthy, happy anti-racist kids who love teachers and like making Valentines for their friends! Yay!

Thank you, thank you, dear readers for reaffirming my hope in humanity!

A Challenge

So as I reflect all that’s been achieved in 2016, I realize how thankful I am to have a life filled with purpose. And, despite the current political climate, I’m getting excited about tackling the work ahead!

If you haven’t already… now is the time to stand up, speak up and take action. Live your purpose. Bring your light to the world in 2017.

Feeling inspired… and getting fueled up for the New Year. . Like many, I'm done with 2016. It didn't start off that bad. But the end of this year has been marked by many disappointments. And, now, I'm ready to get on with it, and celebrate its demise. . Thus, me and my family are sharing our goals for the coming year. (Check out my post on reflecting as a family by clicking the link in my bio.) What drives me (and gives me peace) is living a life of purpose. Education is my passion. Learning is my life. Every child in this country deserves access to the best public schools. Every child deserves loving parents and caring teachers who have the knowledge and tools to cultivate a life-long love of learning, our people and this beautiful world. . What passion will give your life purpose in 2017?

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What passion will give your life purpose in 2017?

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