This is a blog for parents and educators to share information, about how to support our children in Bay Area Public Schools. As an involved parent, I am interested in moving “beyond the bake sale”, to support our academic success for all children. By becoming informed and asking questions we can create public schools of the highest quality — I encourage you to join in on the conversation! [Click the heading to learn more.]


A report back from the SFUSD Ad Hoc Student Assignment System Committee meeting. How can student assignment better integrate our schools?


or White Educators Talk about Race – Part Deux In my last post, I discussed the ways White educators tend to handle cross-cultural dialogues. This is especially important now. In an effort to make our schools more emotionally and physically safe, many schools are encouraging teachers to talk about race with students. Overall, this is a good […]


The prospect of a Trump presidency has brought with it a rise in hate crimes and a heightened visibility for white supremacy in our country. As disturbing as this is, recent events have had at least one positive side-effect. More and more White educators are embracing conversations about race. I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways […]


Many people have suggested they would leave the country if Trump were elected. But we know this is a fantasy. Here’s how I’m dealing with it.


How Do We Talk to Our Kids? Yesterday was a very tough day. In the morning I arrived at my daughters’ middle school and saw Muslim girls, comforting a crying friend who was scared and upset at the thought of a Trump presidency. A Chinese-American boy expressed confusion about Hillary not winning despite her wining the popular […]


It’s time to get it together. It’s time to join the fight. It’s time to use all the ways we are privileged to stand up for those without a voice. And it’s time to do it TOGETHER, with LOVE, and with JOY.


Middle school has been a tough transition for our girls. In addition to all the ups and downs of going to a new school (and going from being a big fish to a little fish), there is also … puberty… and all the hormones that go with it. As we weather the highs and lows […]